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It is with Great Pride and Sadness
that the time is finally upon me.
After 20 years of Service
I have retired from the NYPD on
April, 2011
Although I have made lots of friends
and shared some good times
It was not a very smooth career
I am working on writing a book to share
my experiences within the NYPD
as an
Openly Gay Forgotten Hero



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Welcome to my Site. First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tony, I was born in New York City, but my parents are both from Puerto Rico. I guess you can say I‘m a New Yorican. I was a New York City Police Officer for over ten years and began my career as a street cop in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In 1996 I transferred from Manhattan to a precinct in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn where I worked as the NYPD’s liaison to the local gay and lesbian community. I am currently retired and was working for the Department’s Investigative Resource Division when I was promoted to Detective.

In 1995 I was injured on the job. I sustained a knife wound to my chest and a bullet wound to my knee while saving the life of another police officer. The story was picked up by every major newspaper and television news show, and they called me a “hero”. One thing they failed to mention was that my roommate was more than just my roommate. I was interviewed by several reporters after this incident and made it very clear, to all of them, that my so-called “roommate” was (at the time) my lover. But somehow by the time the story was printed my lover remained just my roommate. This angered me because I felt this account, of an openly gay police officer, could have been an inspiration to the gay and lesbian community. The account of this incident could have helped shatter the stereotypical views of those who feel we are incapable of responding in a crucial situation.

Well, two years later, in 1997 when I was presented with the Medal for Valor by the New York City Police Department, I got a second chance to make sure that everyone knew what my situation was. When the press got wind of it every TV news channel, newspaper and radio station began calling Police Headquarters asking to do an interview with me. All because I was being recognized as the first openly gay police officer ever to receive the NYPD's Medal for Valor.

Now let me tell you why I decided to build this Site. I have become very much aware, during the course of my career as an openly gay Police Officer, that the gay and lesbian community tries to stay at arms length from the police. I’m sure this was always true, probably even more so before things came to a head with the Stonewall Rebellion which took place many years ago. But while there has been some lessening of tensions since then, sadly, many people remain wary of the police. With this Site I would like to extend myself to the gay and lesbian community, of which I am a part of, and work towards a more positive and open atmosphere between it and the law enforcement community, in which I use to serve. I will begin to list many helpful links so that you can use this page as a resource. Please feel free to email me with ideas, comments and questions. I will try my best to help you in any way that I can.

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